Aus dem Nichts ist die elfte Folge der zweiten Staffel von Suits. Sie lief am 17.Januar 2013 in den USA auf dem USA Network und lief am 20.Mai 2013 in Deutschland auf dem Bezahlsender FOX Channel. Sie wurde geschrieben von Ethan Drogin und Regie führte David Platt. Im Original heißt die Folge "Blind-Sided".


With the paint finally scraped from Hardman's old office door and the struggle of the last few weeks behind them, the lawyers of Pearson Hardman have a little time to reflect, and maybe even celebrate. While Harvey follows his heart to a familiar face, Louis starts the search for a new associate and finds a little romance of a different kind. Meanwhile, Mike hopes a return to work will help get his life back on track, but he soon learns that some of the choices he made in the wake of Grammy's death - including his affair with Tess - can't be wiped away so easily.

At the same time, Harvey and Mike are called in when a wealthy client's son is involved in a late night hit-and-run. Though the ambitious ADA on the case talks tough, the facts line up in Harvey and Mike's favor, especially when they learn that the victim was actually a graffiti artist whose flight from the scene of his latest crime probably caused the accident. However, when a turn in the victim's condition dredges up bad memories of the night Mike's parents died, it sends the associate into an emotional tailspin that could hurt himself and the already vulnerable firm more than he knows.




Gabriel Macht Harvey Specter
Patrick J. Adams Mike Ross
Rick Hoffman Louis Litt
Meghan Markle Rachel Zane
Sarah Rafferty Donna Paulsen
Gina Torres Jessica Pearson