Spannungsfelder ist die dreizehnte Folge der dritten Staffel von Suits. Sie lief 20.März 2014 in den USA auf dem USA Network und lief am 16.Juni 2014 in Deutschland auf dem Bezahlsender FOX Channel. Sie wurde geschrieben von Daniel Arkin und Regie führte Kevin Bray. Im Original heißt die Folge "Moot Point".


With his secret seemingly safe once again, Mike looks for a way to show his appreciation to Harvey. The question is, what do you get for the man who has everything? How about a case against A. Elliot Stemple, the man who beat Harvey three times in moot court back in their Harvard days and has been ducking him ever since. Mike manages to fix it so that Stemple can’t weasel out of another face to face with his old college adversary. But while Stemple may not look like much, the diminutive attorney proves more formidable than he first appears, and Harvey and Mike soon find themselves on the ropes as Stemple winds up for a knockout.

Meanwhile, Harvey tries to keep himself out of it when Scotty encroaches on one of Louis’s clients. But as things get heated between the two senior partners, Harvey learns that his personal and professional lives are too closely linked to have it both ways.







  • Die Nichte, die Elliott Stemple vorschiebt, als er einen Aufschub bei seinem Verfahren will heißt Sandra Silverstein, genauso wie die Frau, die zum damaligen Zeitpunkt Assistentin der Executive Producer war und mittlerweile Drehbuchautorin und Executive Story Editor ist.